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Business PC users are most at risk in these 10 countries

A new report(pdf) by Avast indicates that home PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs are almost twice as likely (20%) to be infected with malware than business PCs (11%). The reports also found dramatic differences between countries in terms of business PC safety, with users in the US enjoying the highest level of safety, while users in Pakistan are most at risk.

The top 10 countries where business PCs are most at risk are: Pakistan (36.15%), Vietnam (35.56%), China (31.59%), Indonesia (29.53%), South Korea (28.15%), Philippines (25.90%), Qatar (24.93%), Venezuela (24.43%), Malaysia (22.99%), Peru (22.86%).

The top 10 countries with the best safety score for business PCs were: United States (8.13%), Netherlands (8.25%), Ireland (8.78%), Australia (9.31%), Belgium (9.61%), Great Britain (9.65%), Czech Republic (9.74%), Luxembourg (10.02%), Sweden (10.09%),Kuwait (10.12%).

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