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Venezuela’s Maduro Says Cyber Attack Prevented Power Restoration

In the midst of Venezuela’s presidential crisis, a country-wide blackout that began last Thursday has plunged the nation further into chaos. As of Sunday night, power had not been restored and international experts warned that it could take quite some time before the situation would improve.

While international analysts argue that the power outage was caused by issues with the country’s poorly maintained infrastructure, President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday blamed the situation on cyberattacks. According to Maduro, whose authority is being challenged by opposition leader and self-declared acting president Juan Guaidó, his government had managed to restore about 70% of electricity on Saturday when “we received at midday another cyber attack at one of the generators that was working perfectly and that disturbed and undid everything we had achieved.”

Even though it seems unlikely that the blackout is the result of one or more cyberattacks launched by foreign hackers, it is impossible to rule out this possibility.

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