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Huawei to sue US government to overturn its ban as unconstitutional

Chinese tech giant Huawei has filed its highly anticipated lawsuit against the US government over the latter’s ban of Huawei telecommunications equipment. The ban is a result of US fears that Huawei might provide the Chinese government with access to its data and systems, which would enable Beijing to spy on US federal agencies and manipulate their networks.

Huawei has denied the allegations and argues in its lawsuit, filed in the US Federal Court, that the ban under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is unconstitutional because the NDAA singles out Huawei by name. In a Thursday speech, Huawei rotating chairmain Guo Ping stated that “[t]he US government has long branded Huawei a threat. It has hacked our servers and stolen our emails and source code,” but “it has never provided any evidence supporting their accusations that Huawei poses a cybersecurity threat.”

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