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4 Observations From Recent Surveys About The State-Of-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Recent surveys aiming to assess the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) point to four common trends. The first is that people’s attitudes toward AI are more positive than before, although skepticism remains when it comes to AI bias. For instance, 53% of respondents in a recent consumer survey by Genpact stated that AI is improving their lives, while that number was only 34% in the previous survey. However, 78% of respondents said that businesses needed to counter AI bias, and 2 out of 3 (67%) survey takers were worried that they might experience discrimination by AI in the future. A second trend is that while businesses think that consumers prefer to interact with bots over humans, consumers strongly disagree.

A third finding: businesses are increasingly adopting AI and are seeing more benefits in doing so. Finally, employees are less threatened by AI than in the past. Genpact found that while 28% of employees are still worried about AI taking their jobs, a larger group of 36% actually think AI can generate new job opportunities.

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