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Trump and Kim May Declare End of War at Summit, South Korea Says

According to a spokesman for South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, “[t]he possibility is open” for an end-of-war declaration at the upcoming US-North Korea summit in Vietnam. “We still don’t know exactly what format the end-of-war declaration will take, but there is an ample possibility of North Korea and the United States agreeing to such a declaration,” the spokeswoman said.

The South Korean president has been urging Washington to officially end the war with North Korea, which began in 1950 after North Korea invaded the South. While a 1953 truce effectively ended the Korean war, the US and North Korea never formally ended the conflict. Moon Jae-in hopes that an end-of-war declaration will improve US-North Korea relations and may entice North Korea to denuclearize. However, South Korean critics of the current government fear that the improving relations between the US and North Korea, and between the South and the North, are undermining the US-South Korean military alliance.

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