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Human Negligence to Blame for the Majority of Insider Threats

Two new reports highlight the increasing difficulty of businesses to mitigate threats coming from the people within their own organization. According to research by Endera, 87% of security professionals believe that if their company suffers a security breach caused by an insider, the top suspects will be contractors and freelancers. The survey also found that a majority of companies (55%) are having a tough time preventing security incidents related to their workforce, while just under half (44%) of organizations do not find out about workforce related issues until after a security incident.

In a separate study, Dtex found that 98% of employees expose confidential business information online, often by using insecure solutions when sharing documents with coworkers or third parties. The figure represents a 20% increase compared to last year. Dtex also discovered that 64% of workforce related security incidents are due to negligence.

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