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Why it’s time to make cybersecurity a national priority

In order for the United States to become a dominant cybersecurity force, cybersecurity needs to be made a national priority, according to Eric Trexler, vice president of global governments and critical infrastructure at Forcepoint. Trexler believes that just like America won the space race through a massive national effort, the US could set the standard in cyberspace by following a similar strategy in which the government takes the initiative.

There are two issues standing in the way of this. One is apathy resulting from breach fatigue, i.e. because people are constantly exposed to reports of data breaches and cyber scams, they have begun to consider these instances normal. The second problem is the massive lack of cybersecurity professionals, also known as the talent gap. However, Trexler believes these hurdles can be overcome if the right priority is given to this crucial undertaking.

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