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EU countries recognise Juan Guaidó as interim Venezuelan leader

The UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark have officially recognized Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, pushing the Maduro regime further into diplomatic isolation. The countries promised to recognize the opposition government if the Maduro regime did not call for elections within 8 days. The past few days have seen a number of beneficial developments for the opposition government, as an air force general formally defected to their side, along with a number of lower ranking members of the military. The opposition government has also worked to develop aid depots outside the country on its border and then press the military to allow them to enter the country, opposing Maduro’s order. Mr. Guaido continues to lobby the country’s military for support, along with foreign governments, as protests continue to be planned and carried out, both by the supporters of Guaido and Maduro. 

Source: EU countries recognise Juan Guaidó as interim Venezuelan leader | World news | The Guardian

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