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Disable FaceTime Now! Bug Lets Callers Snoop On You Without Permission

FaceTime users may want to turn off the app on their iOS device to prevent threat actors from spying on them. Apple is preparing an out-of-bound patch for a major iOS security flaw affecting FaceTime. The bug allows callers to tune in to the audio and video feeds from the microphone and front facing camera on the iOS device of the recipient of the call, even if the call is not answered.

All users need to do to exploit the flaw, is call an iOS user on FaceTime and quickly add themselves as an extra contact to Group FaceTime. If this is done before the call is answered, the microphone on the receiving device will turn on and the caller can hear what it records. The front facing camera will turn on if the power button on the receiving call is pressed, for example because the call is muted by the person receiving it.

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