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Hack, Jam, Sense & Shoot: Army Creates 1st Multi-Domain Unit

The U.S. Army has launched its first unit combining long-range targeting, hacking, jamming, and space operations under a single battalion command, bringing together intelligence, information, cyber, electronic warfare, and space (I2CEWS). This first detachment has been designed for counter-China operations, while a second will focus on Europe for counter-Russian operations. According to a Lt. Gen. supporting Army operations across the Pacific, the unit “is the critical unit in the Multi-Domain Task Force…the centerpiece of how the Army will conduct multi-domain operations in the future.” Multi-Domain Operations seeks to bring together and coordinate land, air, sea, space, cyberspace, and electromagnetic spectrum capabilities, and has been integrated in differing levels across military branches, but mostly notably the Army. While the Army has already embedded cyber and electronic elements at the brigade level, the new battalion provides a comparable unit at the theater command level. 

Source: Hack, Jam, Sense & Shoot: Army Creates 1st Multi-Domain Unit « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

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