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6 Tech Leaders on What They Fear the Most

While the world may have learned to “love the bomb,” or at least to feel sufficiently secure with nuclear nonproliferation practices to exclude them top fears, new unknowns, uninvented technologies, and uncertainties have replaced them. What are some of the new fears plaguing tech leaders? Microsoft’s President answers facial recognition, a technology that “is outpacing the ability of governments to keep up,” tempting companies even further to advance business success at the cost of social responsibility. A leading neuroscientist and business professor at Northwestern University fears neural inequality driven by “chips implanted in the brain,” allowing “enhanced thinking” but also “risks of thought manipulation.” Child protection, hospital safety, national security, and everyday ethics round out the list of fears largely driven by man’s technological reach exceeding his technological grasp.  

Source: 6 Tech Leaders on What They Fear the Most | Time

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