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Iraqi scientist describes his work in ISIS’s chemical weapons program

One of the few captured alive, an Iraqi scientists who was arrested in 2016 by U.S. and Kurdish soldiers has described his position within the ISIS research machine working to produce chemical weapons. According to his statements, he was part of the group’s successful efforts to produce sulfur mustard, used widely in World War I. ISIS-manufactured weapons like these were reportedly used in several instances and led to several casualties. Now that the facilities have been largely destroyed or dismantled, however, the threat remains in the materials, weapons, or simple know-how remaining within terrorist networks. “There are jihadists all over the world who will have access on the dark Web to all this stuff,” according to one chemical weapons expert working with the British army and NATO. Iraqi scientists like the ones working in the chemical weapons department were also pressed into service around the caliphate, charged with constructing armor-protected vehicles, IEDs, and more in support of the group’s military operations. 

Source: Exclusive: Iraqi scientist says he helped ISIS make chemical weapons – The Washington Post

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