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Iran satellite fails to reach orbit after launch that worried US

The Iranian rocket launch working to place a satellite into orbit failed in its mission on Tuesday, according to the country’s telecommunications minister. The planned launch had been strongly criticized by the US who accused the country of breaching the UN Security Council resolution that called upon Iran not to pursue any operations related to the advancement of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. Israel’s Netanyahu has described this satellite launch as “the first stage of an intercontinental missile.” Iran has not released details surrounding the failure, saying only that the rocket carrying the satellite did not achieve sufficient speed in the final stage of its launch and that the country’s scientists would continue their work to overcome such problems. The imagery satellite launched was, according to the government, for farming and other non-military uses. Iran has launched a number of satellites, as well as a monkey, into orbit in recent years, although most have not remained functional. This instance suggests that, while the country has been slowed by sanctions, it continues to advance its technological capabilities in ways that destabilize the region and add tension to its relations with its neighbors and the West. 

Source: Iran satellite fails to reach orbit after launch that worried US

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