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Sudan’s Bashir Vows to Stay in Power as Protests Rage

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has ruled the country since gaining power through a military coup in 1989 when he, an army Brigadier General, joined forces with Islamist factions. His rule has been characterized by significant military expenditures, widespread poverty, and violent repressions and wars, leading to the ICC to issue several arrest warrants for Bashir for mass killings perpetrated by the government. Opposition groups are now protesting his continued rule as an economic crisis leading to food and currency shortages ravages the populace and reveals harsh divides between it and the government. Bashar, however, has declared that the protestors have been encouraged by foreign powers and that they would not be able to beat him in an election (all of which have been heavily rigged since 1989). Although largely maintaining a posture of strength, Bashir has hinted that he would not fight a military coup that was conducted to restore order. His future in the country and time left in office remains unknown. 

Source: Sudan’s Bashir Vows to Stay in Power as Protests Rage Nearby

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