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Russia accused of hiring “Polish thugs” to conduct arson attacks in Ukraine

Three “Polish thugs” with ties to neo-fascist and pro-Russian parties have been accused of setting fires at a Hungarian Cultural Association building in Ukraine in order to weaken Ukrainian-Hungarian relations. The accused were allegedly paid $265 each for the attacks and sources have accused Russia of having an instigating role, saying “such ferment is handy for Russia, which is interested in the destabilization of its western neighbor, where a hybrid war in Donbas is underway…and hiring out Polish thugs was beneficial for Russia, because if things went wrong for the people carrying this out, it was possible to antagonize relations between Poles and Ukrainians, which are not in the best shape anyway.” If true, the story illustrates the wide, often highly creative range of tactics used by Russia to weaken neighboring (as well as non-neighboring) states, alliances, and other interests in order to advance its geopolitical interests on its border flanks and beyond. 

Source: Poles accused of terrorism over arson attack in Ukraine: report – Radio Poland :: News from Poland

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