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US Army expanding electronic warfare tools in Europe

With the increase in complexity and technological diversity in today’s electronic warfare, the US Army has been developing command-and-control tools for commanders and soldiers to access and visualize the effects of electronic warfare while in the field and away from command posts. Known as the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT), the army is testing and working through ongoing feedback to continually improve capabilities and important information loops for soldiers in combat. One key component for these integrated systems is adjusting it for every level of operation, reducing levels of complexity and processing power at the lower levels in order to customize it for in-the-field needs. “We’re looking at ways to tailor it specifically to the echelon, and then that will help us with the platform we need to put it on” as modeling and simulation are important at the staff officer level but not the micro-tactical level, reported the product manager for the electronic warfare integration at Program Executive Office for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors. 

Source: Here’s the Army’s latest electronic warfare project

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