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FCC Approves Google’s Futuristic Motion Sensor Tech

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Team began developing a radar-based motion detection technology in 2015 and the resulting technology in its current stage of development has been approved by the Federal Communication’s Commission. The most public and popular potential use for the technology is the use of hand gestures in the air to control devices. “The Soli chip can be embedded in wearables, phones, computers, cars and [internet of things]devices in our environment,” Google writes on its project website. The leading concern around the development of the technology has been the potential interference with other spectrum frequencies and devices caused by its use of radar. The FCC’s ruling allows development and testing to continue, however, even granting permission to test it on an aircraft. “We find that the Soli sensors…pose minimal potential of causing harmful interference to other spectrum users,” it shared on its conclusion. 

Source: FCC Approves Google’s Motion Sensor Tech – Nextgov

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