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Russia Begins Testing Nuclear Weapon That Can Travel Underwater And ‘Nothing’ Can Stop It, Putin Says

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that an underwater nuclear weapon allegedly under development by the country will be invincible, as the country begins trials. The nuclear-capable “doomsday” drone is known as Poseidon in Russia and was revealed by Putin in his state of the nation address in March. Poseidon’s capabilities are unknown to Western powers, but rumors surrounding its development have circulated since at least 2015. The weapon is alleged to be 100 times smaller than current nuclear submarines while capable of delivering its “massive nuclear ordnance” at an even faster speed. “We have developed unmanned submersible vehicles that can move at great depths intercontinentally, at a speed multiple times higher than the speed of submarines, cutting-edge torpedoes and all kinds of surface vessels, including some of the fastest…They are quiet, highly maneuverable and have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit. There is simply nothing in the world capable of withstanding them,” Putin announced last March. 

Source: Russia Begins Testing Nuclear Weapon That Can Travel Underwater And ‘Nothing’ Can Stop It, Report Says

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