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How One Lightbulb Could Allow Hackers to Burgle Your Home

Huge numbers of Americans around the country will see their home become even more internet connected this Christmas, as smart devices abound. Security experts continue to warn, however, that even something like a smart lightbulb, especially when connected to a centralized application on your smartphone, provide vulnerable entry points to hackers to can access anything from benign to highly sensitive information. “When you buy a power outlet or lightbulb, you don’t think it could affect your cameras or security alarm system. But when you bring that device into your smart home platform, that allows them to communicate with one another,” argued the lead researcher with the College of William & Mary study. In another study, researchers from Israeli Ben-Gurion University of the Negev demonstrated that mass manufacturing also increases vulnerability. “Because these devices are mass manufactures, you can buy a specific camera and figure out its weaknesses, then use it against any other person with the same camera.” 

Source: How One Lightbulb Could Allow Hackers to Burgle Your Home – Nextgov

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