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Gazprombank enters secure crypto storage sector

Russia’s Gazprom is investing in cryptocurrency storage, projecting to open services in mid-2019. The energy giant’s banking division is partnering with a technology and crypto specialist format provide banks and wealth managers with a “fully integrated solution for the management of client portfolios across all asset classes including crypto-currencies.” The solution plans to integrate digital and regular currencies so that crypto wallets and encryption keys become unnecessary. One CEO announced that the partnership is a step towards “mainstreaming the use of crypto-currencies and crypto assets and their integration into a banking and wealth management proposition.” The head of digital asset markets at Goldman Sachs has recently shown appreciation for the reduction of cryptocurrency speculation for the good this has done for the ecosystem, shifting attention towards security, storage, and other efforts that will support its more conservative mainstreaming. This move by Gazprom is one such move, one that could eventually grow into an influential one. 

Source: Gazprombank enters secure crypto storage sector | Asia Times

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