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Threat from Islamic State-Affiliated Group Reason DRC US Embassy Closed

The U.S. Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been closed for over a week due to “credible” terror threat against U.S. government facilities in the capital. The nature of the threat was previously unspecified, but a U.S. official speaking with VOA under the condition of anonymity has revealed that it came from a group with Islamic State affiliations. U.S. citizens have been encouraged to “keep a low profile” and nothing has been shared regarding the progress in the investigation against the threat. No link has been made between the terror threat in Kinshasa and ongoing ADF (Ugandan Islamist militia operating out of North Kivu and destabilizing the era combating the ebola outbreak) activity in the Eastern part of the country. The DRC is scheduled for a high-risk presidential election in just a few weeks which, if actually held successfully, could mark the first peaceful transition of power in the country since the early 1960s. 

Source: Threat from Islamic State-Affiliated Group Reason DRC US Embassy Closed

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