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Ukraine bars entry to Russian men of combat age citing invasion fears

Ukraine has banned Russian men ages 16-60 years of age from entering the country, citing invasion fears of “mirror actions” on land following Russia’s recent capture of three Ukrainian ships off of the Crimean coast. “These are measures to block the Russian Federation to form detachments of private armies here, which in fact are representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation…and not allow them to carry out the operations that they tried to conduct in 2014,” stated the Ukrainian president. Exceptions will be permitted for humanitarian reasons, including reasons like attending the funeral service of a relative. Ukraine has also introduced a 30-day period of martial law in areas of the country considered vulnerable to Russian attack. The conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists has seen more than 10,000 deaths, although the major fighting has ceased since the 2015 ceasefire. Flareups, however, are not uncommon. The Russian economy contracted, with the ruble falling after any announcement that could portend additional US or western sanctions. 

Source: Ukraine bars entry to Russian men of combat age citing invasion fears | Reuters

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