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CBP’s Facial Biometrics Program Has Caught 26 Alleged Imposters

Custom’s and Border Protection officials have reported 26 cases of facial biometrics technology catching imposters from entering the country since its rollout this summer. The technology compares the passport photo of the traveler with facial recognition technology on-site, and identifies individuals that do not match and require closer investigation or questioning. The program is currently operational across 15 international airports, although only Washington Dulles has recorded detentions (a total of 3). Land border crossings, however, have seen 23 people caught trying to enter the country on false papers (on the Arizona-Mexico border). Facial recognition programs for port-based entrance, mostly from cruise lines, have not resulted in any detentions. Compared with overall detention statistics, the number of detentions driven by facial-recognition technology is inconsequential. In 2017, CBP detained or arrested 310,000 persons for attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. 

Source: CBP’s Facial Biometrics Program Has Caught 26 Alleged Imposters – Nextgov

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