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Right-wing extremism increasing in the Netherlands, counter terror unit says

“There has been a rise in right wing extremism in Western Europe as a whole but the situation in the Netherlands is not yet as serious as in the early 1990s, the Dutch counter terrorism unit NCTV says in a new report. In the early 1990s, ethnic minorities, Jews, gay men and women and left-wing groups were targeted by far-right organisations and today, the internet has helped drive that forward and shift the tone of the debate, the NCTV said. ‘The fact that right-wing extremism has adapted to the present day is not a surprise,’ the NCTV said. ‘What is new is that international developments and themes are being adopted more quickly, thanks to the internet and social media.’ In the Netherlands, far right violence is usually unorganised and involves small groups who don’t feel the need to be part of a known organisation, the NCTV says.  According to official figures, there were 45 cases of far-right violence in the Netherlands in 2016, the most recent figures in the report.”

Source: Right-wing extremism is increasing in NL, counter terror unit says –

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