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Tanzania Arrests 104 for Plotting ‘Radical Camps’ in Mozambique

Highlighting the recent growth of Islamic extremism in the area, Tanzania has arrested 104 suspected militants for plans to establish a training base in Mozambique near the countries’ borders. Since October 2017, 40 attacks have been recorded in one Mozambique province, near where one of the largest untapped natural gas deposits is being developed. These attacks have killed over 40, many by decapitation. In early October, Mozambique prosecuted 189 people, including foreign nationals for participation in attacks. The country has no history of militant Islam, and the cause behind many of the attacks have been uncertain. As the numbers grow, however, it appears that there is a growing local and transnational effort to establish extremist cells and destabilization campaigns in the area. 

Source: Tanzania Arrests 104 for Plotting ‘Radical Camps’ in Mozambique

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