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The most interesting Internet-connected vehicle hacks on record

“Several years ago, a team of IOActive researchers demonstrated how they could compromise a connected car system in order to run a Jeep off the road. Since then, automakers and connected vehicle service vendors have begun to take the concept of car cybersecurity seriously. The company in question has been tracking cybersecurity practices in the automotive industry for a number of years. According to the firm, automakers are now introducing security measures at the start of manufacture more often but back-end systems still have a way to catch up, with many ‘low-hanging fruit’ vulnerabilities still in existence. Happily, critical bugs are becoming scarce — especially as we’ve seen what can happen when they are exploited.”

The “most interesting” hacks are detailed in the article and range from taking control of the steering mechanisms, breaking mechanisms, unlock doors from the outside, and more. 

Source: The most interesting Internet-connected vehicle hacks on record | ZDNet

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