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In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War

“Not long ago, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific spent most of their training time preparing for humanitarian relief missions, evacuations from natural disasters, and efforts to build up allied security forces. Not anymore. Since President Donald Trump has come to office, the administration has issued a new National Security Strategy focused on the persistent potential for military conflict with China and North Korea. The Army has shifted gears accordingly.   ‘It’s dramatically different,’ said Maj. Gen. Charlie Flynn, who manages the service’s strategy and plans as the service’s assistant deputy chief of staff. In the 1990s and 2000s, exercises in the Pacific were more ‘discreet, out-and-back operations’ that ‘were kind of focused on disaster assistance, humanitarian relief, and it was really more for the ‘security cooperation’ part of it; much less so for interoperability,’’ he said. ‘It’s vastly different today.’”

Source: In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War – Defense One

OODA Analyst

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