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Why the Department of Energy is worried about wind turbine hacking

Following Russian penetration of the U.S. power grid at a number of locations and levels, the U.S. is ramping up its cybersecurity technology for companies delivering energy around the country. As part of these efforts, the Department of Energy recently announced $28 million in research and development programs for power company cyber security. One of the projects under the funding has access to nearly $5 million for the development of “adaptive defense technologies for wind power generation systems, using physical models and machine learning techniques that detect, localize and continue operation to survive sophisticated cyberattacks.” GE Global Research, which won bids for three projects, said that these technologies would lead to “a significantly more reliable and secure wind power infrastructure,” which is on track to pass hydropower this year as the largest source of renewable energy in the US. 

Source: Why the Department of Energy is worried about turbine hacking

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