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NATO gears up for ‘biggest’ military ‘exercises in many years’

NATO is preparing for what is likely to be the largest military exercise since the Cold War. The exercises will take place in Norway during late October and into November, only months after China and Russia conducted their largest exercise since the Cold War. The drills are reportedly simulating “NATO’s collective response to an armed attack against one ally,” and will involve around 45,000 troops from 29 NATO allies. 150 aircraft, 60 ships, and 10,000 vehicles are also estimated to participate. Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, NATO has been preparing to defend against similar efforts. Russia has accused these preparations, however, of threatening their own security, and has, in turn, used them as excuses to increase their activity.  

Source: NATO gears up for ‘biggest’ military ‘exercises in many years’ – Business Insider

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