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McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities Study 2018: How Hackers Use Celebreties to Drive Traffic to Malicious Sites

McAfee has published the most dangerous celebrities list for 2018, ranking the celebrity names most likely to lead users to malicious sites. Kim Kardashian topped the UK version of the list while actress and supermodel Ruby Rose topped the US list. McAfee highlighted the importance of only streaming video from reliable sites and only clicking on trusted news sources. A source from McAfee noted that in today’s “fast-paced world that’s heavily influenced by pop culture and social media…there’s endless opportunities to pick and choose which entertainment options we prefer to enjoy from a variety of connected devices,” and that people’s celebrity obsessions are reducing their awareness and practice of safe online practices. Hackers are only too ready to take advantage of this. 

Source: McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities Study 2018: Ruby Rose Takes Center Stage

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