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NASA celebrates 60 years of shooting for the stars

NASA celebrated its 60-year anniversary on the first of October, providing a reminder of technological and political changes that have occurred since that time. The agency had its roots in the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics that was itself founded in 1915, but was officially set up under the Eisenhower administration one year after the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite in 1957. One week after its founding, NASA launched its first satellite (after taking over the project from the U.S. army). Since that time, many of the agency’s projects have become milestones in America’s national history and in international space research. The agency currently employs over 17,000 and its future amid a other satellite-hosting agencies and military branches, in addition to the potential “space force,” remains to be seen. 

Source: NASA celebrates 60 years of shooting for the stars

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