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How to Track a Bitcoin’s Journey, and the Trustworthiness of any given Address

The makers of this Bitcoin tracking website are working to “provide a little more clarity” and “offer more peace of mind to investors, regulators and the general public” by providing search functions for Bitcoins and Addresses, and tracing their origin and affiliation to various sources, including gambling and known criminal accounts. From the website: “Say you are receiving Bitcoin from an address, and you want to know more about that address. Where did that address get its money from, for example? In the course of its lifetime, a Bitcoin will likely pass through several different address types, some of which are associated with crime. We classified four main address types. The light blue refers to a mixing service, which purposely disguises the source of a Bitcoin transaction. The darker blue refers to a cryptocurrency exchange. The magenta refers to a mining pool, and the orange refers to a gambling site. The light purple refers to an old address that is no longer in use.”

Source: How to Track a Bitcoin’s Journey – Longhash

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