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Emerging terror front: 12 killed, 14 wounded in Mozambique jihadist attacks

The traditionally Muslim area of northern Mozambique has not suffered from high levels of extremist teachings or practices until only recently. Since 2017, however, grizzly attacks in the region have surprised many tracking terrorist violence around the globe. The region’s Islamic Council has allegedly been warning local authorities about the infiltration of extremist ideology in the area for several years, carried in by gradually from radicals from Somalia and beyond, but no state action was taken until the attacks in 2017. Since then, attacks have continued as authorities try to gain control of the area in an effort that has seen atrocities committed by both sides. The most recent saw 12 villagers killed and several more injured. The country has recently discovered a massive offshore oil deposit and is in the process of developing the infrastructure needed to exploit it. This will not occur for several more years, however, and the ongoing extremist violence may impact the timeline if it continues. 

Source: 12 killed, 14 wounded in Mozambique jihadist attacks: source

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