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Finding China’s Internment Camps for Uighur Muslims…before China rushes to delete evidence

New evidence of China’s massive internment program for Uighur Muslims continues to surface. But at the same time, the Chinese government is working rapidly to find and remove online evidence trails. Networks of researchers are now locked in a race to find and document this evidence before it is hidden or deleted. China officially claims it does not operate these camps and that the named sites are vocational schools or other similar locations. In many government documents, however, the camps are referred to as reeducation centers working to remove parental influence and replace their traditional Muslim faith with loyalty to China and the Communist government. The internet sleuths working against time are using social media sites, government websites, and internet archive sites like The Wayback Machine to collect troves of evidence that may be used as the foundation for future action against the country by the U.S., other countries, and even the UN. UN and US officials have suggested that as many as 1 million Muslims are currently being held in these camps. 

Source: How to Find China’s Internment Camps for Uighur Muslims – The Atlantic

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