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Air Force secretary: Space Force will cost $13B in new expenses

The U.S. Air Force has estimated a $13 billion price tag for the creation of a Space Force, costs that are largely new and outside of the restructuring of current space-related capacities and expenditures. The projections include $2.2 billion for headquarters elements, $1.8 billion for “direct reporting units,” $7.2 billion for Space Force elements, and $595 million for additional personnel for the new U.S. Space Command. The estimate includes 13,000 additional personnel in addition to existing space operators, writing that “the overhead required will initially overwhelm the joint space professionals.” The Air Force also proposed that space operations and personnel continue with the Air Force until a Space Force headquarters in established in 2020, before being transitioned into space force personnel and programs in 2021. 

Source: Air Force secretary: Space Force will cost $13B in new expenses

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