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Really old computer viruses are still infecting new machines

“The biggest cyber threats governments and businesses face may not be the cutting edge hack from China, but a 10-year-old virus that infects a little-used computer. Some of the most well-known viruses from the past decade are still infecting machines despite their well-documented nature, according to cyber research firms. Some viruses, such as WannaCry and Conficker, are still spreading, Sean Sullivan, a security adviser at F-Secure told Fifth Domain. ‘It costs hackers nothing to keep using them,’ Sullivan said. These known vulnerabilities are still effective because older machines do not receive patches for updates, which can then infect an entire network. Hackers often bundle known hacks together because it increases their success rate with no downside, Sullivan said. ‘Nothing is going to be 100 percent patched across organizations,’ Sullivan, said. He described a network administrator’s role as ‘triage.’”

Source: Really old computer viruses are still infecting new machines

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