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Russia’s Sergey Lavrov confirms plans for logistics base in Eritrea

“Russia is joining the list of nations intent on establishing their foothold in the Red Sea. In a meeting with Eritrean leaders on Friday (Aug. 31), foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announced plans to establish a ‘logistics center’ at a port in the East African nation. Moscow didn’t specify the location or the timetable of the project but said it was aimed at boosting bilateral trade and infrastructural investment between the two nations. The latest declaration underscores Russia’s efforts to renew its ties with African states and boost its cultural, political, and economic influence. Russia is stepping in even as the US retreats from Africa under Trump and China deepens its reach. In March, Lavrov undertook a week-long tour of Africa, visiting Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe. During his visit, he signed agreements to establish economic zones, explore opportunities in accessing minerals including diamonds and platinum, and enhance military and technical cooperation.”

Source: Russia’s Sergey Lavrov confirms plans for logistics base in Eritrea — Quartz Africa

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