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Marco Rubio: Google, other US companies are aiding Chinese surveillance

During a congressional hearing on China’s repression of Muslim ethnic minorities, Senator Marco Rubio accused Google and other American companies of providing important services in China that are used as part of the Communist Party’s “efforts to build the world’s most advanced police state.” He further stated that “It is hypocritical for American corporations and multinationals doing business in China – who are fully prepared to boycott American cities and American communities because they don’t like things that are happening here – to be okay, to turn a blind eye what’s happening…because they don’t want to jeopardize their ability to sell products in that country.” Top U.S. diplomats have reported on Chinese practices aimed to restrict the freedoms of Chinese Muslims, enabled and enforced through invasive monitoring. These sentiments provide another reason and motivation to many American politicians for continued U.S. commitment to the ongoing trade war with China. 

Source: Marco Rubio: Google, other US companies are aiding Chinese surveillance

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