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How U.S. intelligence agencies find out what Trump tells Putin and others

Sources have displayed confidence that U.S. intelligence agencies specializing in wiretapping communications were able to access enough information on the Trump-Putin meeting that they can know not only what was said, but what the top politicians and spymasters in Moscow think about it. With no access to the meeting, no notes taken by senior aides, and ostensibly no recordings, U.S. intelligence agencies appear to be limited to intelligence sourced form NSA interceptions. “Obviously, this is so crazy that no one thought this would happen,” said one former senior signals intelligence analyst at the NSA. “The really important stuff from an intelligence viewpoint is what we collect on the meeting. But because there’s no U.S. version to check it against, the Russians cold be lying about it and we wouldn’t even know…eventually we are going to wind up with every version of what happened, except Trump’s.” The agency is further limited by concerns of additional conflicts between the Trump administration and the intelligence services. 

Source: How U.S. intelligence agencies can find out what Trump told Putin – POLITICO

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