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Here’s How the Russian Military Is Organizing to Develop AI

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a 10-point plan for the development of A.I. in the country and has moved forward with efforts to increase public-private coordination and research on the front in order to help close the gap between itself, the U.S., and China. The titles of all 10 points are: 1) Form an A.I. and big data consortium, 2) Gain automation expertise, 3) Create a state system for A.I. training and education, 4) Build an A.I. lab at the Era technopolis, 5) Establish a national center for A.I., 6) Monitor global A.I. development, 7) Hold A.I. wargames, 8) Check for A.I. compliances, 9) Discuss A.I. proposals at domestic military forums, and 10) Hold an annual A.I conference.

Source: Here’s How the Russian Military Is Organizing to Develop AI – Defense One

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