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China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade

China is attempting to use the ongoing tariff issue between itself, the U.S. and the EU as a wedge to split important E.U.-U.S. ties and bring Europe closer to China. European officials have, however, largely rejected its overtures, beyond agreeing to minor joint statements regarding free trade and the WTO. According to one diplomat, “China wants the EU to stand with Beijing against Washington, to take sides…we won’t do it and we have told them that.” Another affirmed that “we agree with almost all the complaints the U.S. has against China, it’s just we don’t agree with how the U.S. is handling it.” The attempts do, however, provide some insight into Chinese economic goals as Beijing attempts to incentivize certain European political decisions through offers to open up new parts of its own economy for European investment. 

Source: Exclusive: China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade | Reuters

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