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Most of Germany’s Air Force not combat ready

In 2015, private sources indicated that only four of Germany’s 128 Eurofighters were combat ready. Now, the new chief of the force said it has “at a low point,” with most of its aircraft grounded due to a lack of spare parts or for lengthy maintenance. The leader cited the lack of stable defense spending that would allow the force to create long term budgets for the rebuilding and maintenance of its weapons and systems. The U.S. has regularly criticized Germany for its low spending that is currently only at 1.2% of GDP, far under the 2% NATO benchmark. Some German politicians have indicated that they will increase defense spending to 1.5% by 2025, while others have said they will reduce it. The matter will likely remain an important matter of disagreement in U.S.-German relations for the next years. 

Source: Is Germany’s Air Force Dying a Slow Death? | The National Interest

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