07 Apr 2022

The Problem With Solutions To Cyber Threat Detection

In part one, we discussed the importance of problem comprehension and its role in problem-solving. In short, part one highlighted that you can’t solve a problem you don’t understand. The paradox is that you won’t completely understand most problems. While problem-solving begins with a problem, problem framing does not happen once. Problem framing continuously evolves until you discover the right solution. This process does not operate in the opposite direction. It is almost inconceivable to have the right solution and develop a problem until it is perfect. 

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31 Mar 2022

Why is cyber threat detection so hard?

Why is cyber threat detection so hard? The most obvious reason threat detection is hard is that “threat” is too abstract to solve. It may seem obvious, but effective problem solving requires problem framing. Hence, everyone involved in the process clearly understands the problem and what it is not. We get distracted by vague and amorphous claims of AI outthinking humans or being “slightly” conscious. We forget that problem-solving is more complicated than pip install tensorflow.

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