11 Feb 2013

West Africa: Terrorism’s New Front Yard

Introduction There is a new front in the global fight against terrorism and terrorists. Ethnic, religious, and political tensions in West Africa, simmering for the past few years, have boiled over into widespread violence and coordinated military efforts throughout the region. A recent attack at an oil facility in Algeria

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16 Jan 2013

Slavery and Human Trafficking in 2013

Introduction Reports and statistics from the UN, national governments, and politically diverse NGO’s demonstrate that human trafficking and slavery are as common today as they were during the years when transAtlantic slave trading was a legal enterprise. Estimates place the number of global victims as high as 29 million. The

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15 Dec 2012

The International Drug Trade and West Africa: An Enforcement Quandary

“In the past decade, there has been significant growth in the illicit trafficking of drugs, people, firearms, and natural resources. Trafficking in these and other commodities is generally characterized by high levels of organization and the presence of strong criminal groups and networks. While such activities existed in the past,

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17 Nov 2012

Boko Haram: A Threat to Nigeria and Beyond

Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Al-Shabaab, Hezbollah, the Haqqani network, and the Taliban are all infamous names to the Western world. These organizations, however, are but a handful of the many dozens of organizations with the official US designation of “Foreign Terrorist Organizations.” Each organization has its country or region of operations and

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10 Oct 2012

American Cities Going Bankrupt: Making Sense of the Growing Trend

Financial fallout in many US cities following the recession has left a growing number of US cities in economic crisis of their own. With no ability to pay runaway pension promises and even basic salaries, more and more cities are declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, however, is a last resort option that leaves a deep and uninviting scar on its cities for many years to come. Fortunately, the economic condition of the US as a whole is far better than the dire economic conditions of many of her cities.

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21 Sep 2012

Islamism and the Attacks on the US Embassy: A Historical Analysis

The following is an analysis of the whole based off of a single “index.” Here the analysis is indexed off of movements within history. This index explains recent events in terms of connections to the past. There is much truth in this sort of analysis. It is not, however, capable

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04 Sep 2012

Jordan’s Uncertain Future

Public protests erupted throughout Jordan in February of this year. While security officials in Amman are well accustomed to demonstrations within the city limits, the February protests also reached further out into the tribal regions, leading some to think that these small tremors of unrest are signs of a larger

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28 Aug 2012

Technological Leapfrogging in the Developing World: Successes and Failures

Governments and NGOs alike have lauded the explosion of cellular phones in the developing world. The World Telecommunications Union reported in 2011 that 79% of the population in developing states have a mobile phone. The planet now boasts over 6 billion cellular phone subscriptions. Landlines and internet availability have never

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12 Jul 2012

International Agriculture in Transition

World food prices, food import/export levels, and food security are becoming more predictable and organized thanks to worldwide improvements in reporting, increasing regional agricultural development, and heightened governmental attention. The stage is set for major improvements in the development of international agriculture. In 2011, world food policy and food security

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29 Jun 2012

Cold War II? Russia and the US in Syria

The civil war in Syria is creating a Russia-US divide that could push the countries into a second Cold War. The US faces many threats abroad but none have yet surpassed the threat of her former nemesis, Russia, the core of the former-Soviet giant. Today’s Russia is in many ways

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