15 Jan 2019

2019 and the Evolving Role of OSINT

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are entering a new position within the public sphere in 2019.

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10 Dec 2017

Trump: Accidental Nuclear Genius?

Love him or hate him, when it comes to North Korea, Trump just may be frustratingly suited for nuclear negotiations. Unpredictability, emotional outbursts, irrationality, and other descriptors that have been applied to the sitting president are likely qualities a president should not have in general. According to Cold War-era nuclear

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11 Oct 2016

Inside ISIS’s English-Language Magazine

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11 Sep 2015

Burundi Conflict: Current Unrest is Not an Ethnic Conflict

Before late-Spring of this year, few internationally-minded Americans would have been able to say anything of consequence about Burundi, perhaps beyond that it is in Africa. The country is small, resource-poor, and relatively politically insignificant, both regionally and internationally. In May, however, an election-related political conflict escalated into a military

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13 Jun 2014

Russia’s Economic Powerplay: The EaEU

On May 29th, Russia signed an economic treaty with Belarus and Kazakhstan that if successfully expanded, could significantly alter the balance of regional power in favor of Russia. Through free trade blocs and common programs, the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU) also promises to reinvigorate economies that never successfully transitioned into

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22 Apr 2014

The American Redoubt and Homeland Security

Introduction Although terrorism in the 21st century has become nearly synonymous with Islamist extremism, the United States has suffered from many non-Islamist domestic terrorist attacks over recent decades. In fact, over two-thirds of terrorist attacks in the US since 1980 have been carried out by non-Islamic extremists. These attacks have

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06 Feb 2014

Sochi 2014 Threat Overview

Fear Before the March of Flames Even as the flames of the Olympic torch approach their destination in Sochi, Russia, security officials race to respond to emerging threats by non-state actors. Multiple terrorist organizations have issued ominous threats against the games while reports of other threats, both credible and doubtful,

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11 Dec 2013

Radioactive Thefts and Dirty Bomb Threats

The recent theft of a truckload of highly radioactive material in Mexico unearthed a series of panicked questions about the homeland security threat of dirty bombs. “What are they?”, “what can they do?”, “who has them?”, and “who could have them?” were questions the media found themselves mostly unprepared to

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02 Oct 2013

Football and the Illusive Stability of Coalition Governments in the MENA States

An Arab Spring political cycle is emerging. Single-party domination gives way to multi-party democracy which crumbles back into single-party domination. Football: An Introductory Anecdote Sitting with a group of western-educated, politically active Tunisians at a restaurant in Tunis, I commented on my surprise at the absence of soccer-playing children. I

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19 Sep 2013

The Growing Threat of Maritime Terrorism

Introduction The 21st century has seen large-scale, well-organized terrorist attacks by Islamist terrorists on nearly every continent. These same terrorists and terrorist organizations have leveraged the cyber domain to support recruitment, training, and attacks. The maritime frontier, however, is perhaps the one that has continued comparatively untouched throughout the history

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