24 Jun 2015

The Yemen Cyber Army: Profile and Analysis

On May 2015, actors claiming affiliation with the Yemen Cyber Army compromised the Government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website, posting sensitive government data on multiple file-sharing websites. Reporting indicates that the data included Saudi travel visas, personally identifiable information (PII) for Saudi citizens, email messages belonging

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16 Feb 2015

After Hebdo: 10 Names Remain on Al-Qaida’s Official Hit List

The List In July 2013, the al-Qa’ida-produced magazine Inspire released an issue that included an official “hit-list.” Written in English, it names eleven individuals, all accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed and “crimes against Islam.” The list is the third and most recent published by Inspire, following two published

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28 Jan 2015

U.S.-Cuban Relations: The Prospect of Future Political and Defense Alignment

The past month has facilitated events that, for the first time in 55 years, have allowed U.S. policymakers to seriously contemplate the prospect of radically reconstructing its foreign policy disposition towards the Cuban government. But, assuming any change at all occurs in the long run, the nature of the change

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