06 Mar 2020

Sea Services showcase new capabilities at AFCEA WEST

This week, OODA’s Chris Ward attended the annual AFCEA and US Naval Institute Sea Service Conference in San Diego (WEST 2020). The central theme of the conference was around Navy, Marine and Coast Guard readiness for great power competition. In this article she compiles her observations and take-aways from the event.

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06 Mar 2020

OODA Network Interview: Mike Steinmetz

Mike’s story is pretty unique:  from budding musician to Navy Fighter Jet Pilot to Information Operations and Cyber.  

“The CISO must understand the lens with which the Board sees risk!  Many CISO’s are focused down-and-in, when they should be delegating those efforts to their qualified operations managers and architecture teams.  The CISO’s job is to translate the needs to the CFO and the CEO.”

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20 Feb 2020

OODA Network Interview: Paul Kurtz

While at the White House, Paul witnessed first hand the tragic consequences of poor intelligence sharing: the attacks on September 11th.  He’s convinced that this is MUCH harder in the Cyber arena.  He created TruSTAR to help enterprises attain a comprehensive view of what’s going on.  Read about how he built up to these solutions in this OODA Network Expert interview.

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30 Jan 2020

OODA Network Interview: Brian Dolan

Brian’s AI Startup Studio, Verdant AI, is forging new ground! He vets problems, finds solutions and spins off companies tailor-made for success as he goes.  Instead of talking about AI, he’s making AI work in a lot of different capacities!  In this OODA Network Expert interview, Brian discusses his career progression and how to realize the benefits of AI.

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24 Jan 2020

OODA Network Interview: Nitin Pradhan

When Nitin came to America in the 1980’s, he quickly felt the power of a supportive Government.  He has spent his career using technology to create teams to make our Country better including an appointment as the CIO for the Department of Transportation.  Read about how Nitin’s passion for digital education has helped him give back to his Community.

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17 Dec 2019

OODA Network Interview: Dan Dunkel

In this interview with Dan Dunkel, he describes where he sees tremendous opportunity in the convergence of physical security, IT platforms and cybersecurity.  He connects the expertise in these three important disciplines though his network of over 200 integrators at Professional Security Alliance (PSA).

“I always encourage people to ‘Disrupt Yourself’.  It’s painful and doesn’t feel good, but that’s how you start thinking about the future of your business, so you won’t get caught in the cross hairs of a new technology.”

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13 Dec 2019

OODA Network Interview: Rick “Ozzie” Nelson

Rick “Ozzie” Nelson shares how he has tracked counterterrorism, information security and information sharing to come up with great insights on how to align public strategies to be successful.

“If you can’t define it, you can’t understand it”. Ozzie says.  “Today, everyone uses AI to mean many different things.  We can’t write policies and make good laws and business decisions until we come to a common understanding of what it is!”.

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03 Dec 2019

OODA Network Interview: Dr. James N. Miller

One of our nation’s best strategic thinkers, Dr. James N. Miller has spent his career helping the Department of Defense make good, unbiased policy decisions.  He has also worked extensively in academia, helped establish the Center for New American Security (CNAS), and worked to establish the Defense Adaptive Red Team to address a whole host of emerging threat issues.  In this interview, he describes his career progression and the thinking and leadership models that have enabled him to think through solutions to our most complex national security problems.

“Defending our democracy from truth decay and the decline of bipartisanship is our most pressing National risk.”

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19 Nov 2019

OODA Network Interview: Bob Baxley

Dr. Bob has spent his life studying and manipulating and exploring the advanced nuances of signals processing.  What he has been able to build at Bastille completely exposes the RF spectrum, making it easy to see and understand what is going on in your physical space.   Read about his hard earned lessons, and where the future will take us!

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12 Nov 2019

OODA Network Interview: Cameron Forbes Over

There are not a lot of high schoolers that get an opportunity to intern at the Defense Information Systems Agency, but Cameron Forbes Over parlayed that experience into a decades long career as a cybersecurity profession currently running a robust practice at CrossCountry Consulting.

“If executives don’t clearly understand the risk, he/she won’t make the right investments to translate it into action. We have to jointly create a common language to build an effective communication bridge.”

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