06 Mar 2021

Executive Level Action In Response to Ongoing Massive Attacks Leveraging Microsoft Vulnerabilities

This post provides executive level context and some recommendations regarding a large attack exploiting Microsoft Exchange, a system many enterprises use for mail, contact management, calendar/scheduling and some basic identity management functions. This attack is so large and damaging it is almost pushing the recent Solar Winds attacks off the headlines. Keep in mind that till this point, the Solar Winds attack was being called the biggest hack in history. So this is a signal that the damage from this one will also be huge.

It is not just the technical team that will have to respond. Executives everywhere should consider their action plans. This post will help you kickstart that. 

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05 Mar 2021

Robert Wallace on a Career in Intelligence and The Spy Sites Series and Spy Craft

Robert Wallace spent a 33 year career with the Central Intelligence Agency and is widely known for the very well done books he and co-author Keith Melton have produced on the history, culture and tradecraft of intelligence (including the SpyCraft book which was turned into a Netflix series and the Spy Sites series of books documenting the intelligence history of Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia). This OODAcast examines Robert’s career from the beginning, resulting in interesting stories and insights into his leadership and management style relevant to any leader in business or government today. His professional life began as he received an MA in Political Science from Kansas University in 1968 and then received a draft notice which resulted in his two years of service in the US Army, including service in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta leading long-range reconnaissance patrol teams.

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26 Feb 2021

Blake Bartlett, CEO of Janes, On Leadership and Decision Making In The Modern Age

Blake Bartlett is the CEO of Janes, the well known and trusted provider of open source defense intelligence. In this OODAcast we examine lessons learned from Blake’s career and path from a young student with a desire for a career in sports to success in the domain of sales. Blakes walks us through some key moments in his leadership at Janes including the point that kicked off a transformation to ensure their data and information is not only trusted and relevant but is more available, accessible and consumable by customers and is delivered the way organizations need it to fuel their decision-making.

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12 Feb 2021

Vikram Sharma, CEO of Quintessence Labs on Leadership in the Quantum Era

Vikram Sharma is the founder and CEO of Canberra Australia based QuintessenceLabs. His company provides solutions based on quantum technology to strengthen cryptographic key creation and management at scale. This is an urgent need in this era of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, and key to protecting data now and into the future. In this OODAcast we ask Vikram for his views on what every CEO, including non-technical CEOs, need to know about the world of quantum effects. He provides explanations in very clear ways that can help inform business strategies.

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11 Feb 2021

Michael Saylor Ignites CEO Interest in Bitcoin: Expect an acceleration of the inevitable

During MicroStrategy World, Michael Saylor lead a focused discussion on the mega trends of finance he believes make the transition to Bitcoin as a global store of value inevitable. One of the most informative sessions was a discussion with a leading Bitcoin expert, Ross Stevens. Ross is CEO and founder of the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), which enables institutional clients like Microstrategy to smartly buy and hold Bitcoin. 

NYDIG expects to hold $25B in Bitcoin for institutional clients by year end. So Ross speaks with authority and experience.

Here is some of the context Saylor extracted from Stevens

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04 Feb 2021

What CEOs Need To Know About Bitcoin: Including potential new business models to consider

Bitcoin is the most famous crypto currency, with good reason. It was the first to leverage the new concept of a blockchain to enable a distributed, but trusted ledger, which for the first time in history allowed a cryptocurrency where double spending was impossible. Since its founding on 3 January 2009 the system has worked and proven it can scale with extreme accuracy. But what might this new store of value and distributed means of safe and secure transactions mean for your business? The models listed here can fuel your decision-making in that domain.

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15 Jan 2021

Kathy and Randy Pherson, Authors of Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence

Kathy and Randy Pherson are authors of the book Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence. Both had successful careers in the US Intelligence Community. While they were at the CIA they pioneered new methods of risk analysis and analytical methods, and helped bring those methods to widespread adoption in the community. Both are also successful business leaders who created companies that build value for others. Their focus in business is on helping others improve their analytical methods. They write about and teach best practices in analysis.

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11 Jan 2021

Considerations On What the Capital Storming May Mean For Your Strategy

The 6 January 2021 Capital Storming may be one of the most recorded events in history. Indications are that this is not just a news event, it will have repercussions across society, and its impact may well include a need to change your business strategy. The time to start thinking through that is now.

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08 Jan 2021

Expert Practitioner and QuintessenceLabs CEO Vikram Sharma on Quantum Effects and Quantum Security

Vikram Sharma is the CEO of QuintessenceLabs, a company he founded to leverage an understanding of how physics works at the quantum level to address some of the biggest issues in cybersecurity. In this discussion at OODAcon, Vikram provided a high level overview of what years of quantum theory and 1000’s of experiments on the nature of reality tell us about the nature of reality, especially reality when measured at the smallest scale.

His insights into the world of quantum mechanics includes a description of some of some very strange observations, which are seen again and again in experiment after experiment.

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22 Dec 2020

OODAcast: Matt Devost Provides Context on the Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of 2020

In this OODAcast, Bob Gourley and Matt Devost discuss Matt’s picks for the Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of the year. Now in its 5th year, Matt’s top ten book list is one of the most popular posts of the year and we look forward to interviewing several of the authors on OODAcast in 2021.

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