08 Jul 2019

Update: What The Most Recent Russian Submarine Incident May Mean For Business

On 1 July 2019, 14 Russian sailors died in a mysterious incident onboard a very special submarine that is designed to collect intelligence for Russia. While the Russian press reported the deaths, few details were provided. It is known, however, that the submarine is a very unique one. It is

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28 Jun 2019

What Business Needs To Know About The New Way DoD Will Measure Your Security Posture

The Department of Defense is establishing a new approach they expect their contractors, and sub-contractors to leverage. This is meant to help reduce risk and mitigate many challenges observed in implementing existing security/compliance regulations in the defense industrial base. Our review of this approach leaves us optimistic that this new approach is a positive change. Here is what you need to know.

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23 Jun 2019

Likelihood of Cyber Attacks From Iran Increasing: Here is what to know and do

Since 2012 Iran has shown increasingly sophisticated capabilities to conduct cyber attacks, including the incredibly destructive attacks against Saudi Aramco, attacks against US banks and infrastructure, attacks against the power grid in Turkey, and attacks against the UK Parliament. Iran has also invested in and used capabilities in disinformation and

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20 Jun 2019

The Future of Enterprise IT: Insights that can drive your decisions today – An OODA Network Webinar

OODA Network Members can watch the on demand version of our webinar on predicting the future of IT. Predicting the future is hard. We have tried just about every way humanity has come up with, and frankly every model has flaws. But we have found some methods that can be

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13 Jun 2019

Preventing AI From Going Wrong – An OODA Network Webinar

OODA Network Members can watch the on demand version of our webinar on mitigating risks due to AI. During this webinar, the OODA Loop team discussed salient points of key research for our members, including an overview of key problem areas in AI, followed by a solutions framework. Challenge areas

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13 Jun 2019

The Cyber Threat To NASA’s Artemis Program

NASA is enabling another giant leap for humanity. With the Artemis program, humans will return to the Moon in a way that will enable establishment of gateways to further exploration of not just the Moon but the entire solar system. The initial expenses of the program will return significant advances

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04 Jun 2019

NASA and the Artemis Vision: Go to the moon to stay

On April 9, NASA announced Artemis, the new program to return humans to the moon to stay, by 2024. Artemis includes many important firsts, including the first exploration of the only known source of water on the moon, at the lunar south pole.

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28 May 2019

OODA Special Report: The Executive’s Guide To Innovation In Space

OODA is pleased to announce the next in our series of special reports on innovation topics for executive decision-makers. This one focuses on innovation in space.

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24 May 2019

Maturing the Cyber Threat Intelligence Field into a Discipline

My background is in operational intelligence. I started my career as a naval intelligence officer working the dynamic problems of operational fleets in real-world, ours-vs-theirs situations. I later worked joint and allied military intelligence, but still in that operational side of the field, trying to figure out what might happen

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20 May 2019

OODA Special Report: Executive’s Guide To The Revolution in Biology

OODA CTO Bob Gourley provides an overview of key thrusts of the transformation underway in biology and offers seven topics business leaders should consider when updating business strategy to optimize your opportunity because of these changes.

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