28 Nov 2019

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Transportation Sector

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24 Nov 2019

What Business Leaders Need To Know Regarding Hong Kong District Council Election Results (yes it probably will impact your business)

Elections in Hong Kong have just given a major win to pro-democracy supporters. There are many other challenges in China right now. Most of the world has woken up to their never ending tactics of stealing intellectual property, hacking systems for gain, abusing trade agreements, manipulating currency, illegally claiming territory etc. The final resolution of trade disputes is far from over, and the current situation is hurting their economy. Once the trade disputes are resolved, it is hard to believe their economy will return to its previous high growth.  Additionally, for over a year now there have been horrible stories of cultural genocide of Uyghurs.

And, on top of all this, Hong Kong citizens are not giving up on their goals for self determination. The more that people in China learn of what is going ton in Hong Kong, the harder it will be on the Communists.

What does all this mean for your business strategy? Our 10 considerations are in this report, written for OODA Members.

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20 Nov 2019

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

This OODA special report focuses on the Energy Sector. It is written both for firms that are in the sector and for those that seek to serve it with the products and services they need.

Companies in this sector provide functions like exploration, production, marketing, refining and/or transporting of oil and gas products, coal and other consumable fuels. Some of the world’s biggest, most widely known brands are in this sector. Companies like Exxon Mobil, BP, Chevron, Halliburton, Marathon Oil, Phillips 66, Shell, Sunoco are powerhouses in the industry and are also household names because they deliver oil and gas directly to consumers.

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19 Nov 2019

National Academies of Science on: Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

The National Academy of Sciences has been working for 155 years to advance our nation’s understanding of key technology issues. One of the ways they help advance knowledge is bringing together thought leaders and highly qualified experts, academics and practitioners to work on issues and then publish results for all

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13 Nov 2019

The Executive’s Guide To Quantum Safe Security: Take these steps to make your enterprise quantum proof

The steady progress in quantum computing is resulting in exciting developments that will one day bring new capabilities to a wide range of use cases. Quantum computers can also bring new capabilities to attackers. The mathematician Peter Shor has proven that quantum computers can be used to rapidly factor large numbers into their primes in a way that will break most forms of asymmetric encryption used today. The computer scientist Lov Grover proved another algorithm that will, among other things, enable incredibly fast invalidation of another tool for security, the security hash. There are certainly other ways quantum computers will be used by adversaries, but these two methods alone are cause for serious concern. Imagine all the data your company believes is important being read by an adversary that wants to put you out of business, and imagine that adversary is operating in a location untouchable by the rule of law. 

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01 Nov 2019

Insights from AI World on The State of AI in America

AI World is a yearly gathering of professionals applying advanced AI solutions to solve enterprise challenges. They gather to exchange lessons learned and best practices as well as to track the latest technology which can aid them in their quest to improve the application of thinking machines to real world

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20 Sep 2019

Quantum Supremacy Is Here: The History Making Quantum Computing News We Have Been Anticipating Has Now Been Reported

Months ago we began to formulate an assessment that a history-making announcement in quantum computing was about to be made. For years the big players in quantum research, including IBM, Microsoft and Google, have been pursuing different methods of using quantum effects to do new calculations. Google had even made announcements indicating they thought they could achieve history-making results in the near term. Because of all that we had been producing a series of reports aimed at making you as informed as possible on what breakthrough announcements in quantum computing could mean for your business strategy.

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17 Sep 2019

The Executive’s Guide to Cyber Insurance

This special report provides an overview of the dynamic trends underway in the cyber insurance market, including actionable information that executives can put to use right now in determining the right approach to using cyber insurance to transfer risk. The report also provides insights which can be of use to any tech firm seeking to partner with insurance companies to enhance services to the market. 

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12 Sep 2019

The Executive’s Guide To Quantum Computing: What you need to know for your strategy today

This guide captures key concepts and the status of major quantum computing research initiatives in a way meant to serve the needs of operational decision-makers. Our goal, inform you about the near future so you can make the right changes to your strategy today. After a review of some key quantum computing concepts we will provide an update on some of the most promising research initiatives and key use cases being explored. We then conclude with insights you can use for your strategic approach and a list of resources for further research.

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11 Sep 2019

Fraudsters no longer operate in silos, they are attacking across industries and organizations

In the first half of this year, the number of human-initiated fraud attacks increased by 13% compared to the second half of last year, a new report by LexisNexis Risk Solutions shows. It also found that fraud campaigns are becoming broader in scope, leading to a rise of networked, cross-organizational

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